wushu west 2009 01 22

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Mark was back, and when I walked in it was obvious that this is where he belongs :) Its always one of my favorite scenes to walk in on, and its because I enjoy the immense pain of simple leg conditioning. Mark is casually leaning on a staff, behind a line of the beginner students, calmly calling out “horse stance…” (pause 30 seconds) “bow stance…” (pause again for 30 seconds) Read More...

wushu west 2008 10 21

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Second class back (don’t worry, I’ll stop the counter there :) ), and I felt I had made a lot of progress since last week. Of course no butterfly-twists, but my muscles held up a lot longer and I worked out the entire class. Kenny led the warm up, and after a quick jog around the room we did sprint relays for a while and then on to stretching. Last week my hip flexors started to spasm and it quickly became painful. Read More...