the iranian dream

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I just got an email from one of my Wushu West buddies, Shahaub, and I wanted to plug his short film. Check it out, in HD, on the YouTube: The blurb is this: A Mockumentary about a traditional Iranian man who makes a living for his family in a very non-traditional profession. This short is a commentary on the stereotypes, homophobia and taboo nature of artistic expression in both the West and Middle Eastern cultures. Read More...

cmat 17

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Saturday was the 17th annual Cal Martial Arts Tournament, at Cal Berkeley. For the 4rd year in a row I went, and as the last three years I was solely a spectator. I took some footage, and snapped a few pictures, but I wasn’t into staying from 8am till 11pm running around to each ring trying to film everyone. My experience with that last year solidified the idea that no matter what, someone (usually more than one too) will be unhappy with what you’ve worked hard to do, and I wasn’t interested in repeating that thankless job. Read More...

ip man movie day with wushu geeks

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It’s long overdue, but Mark, Shahaub and I finally got together for a movie. All three of us are movie geeks. Mark was part of the industry with Jet Li and Rotten Tomatoes, Shahaub is in film school right now (and posted a few demo reels, like this one, on, and I like to watch them and then write about what I watch. Our conversations immediately started off with George Lucas movies,¬†Arrested Development, and then oddly to my fear of Bees and Black Widows. Read More...