Keeb Sinc Keyboard


Building a new keyboard requires an immense amount of justification. Because you can only use one at a time, and they are not cheap.

My first keyboard build was fun, but, I had two things I disliked. First, the height of the chassis was uncomfortable. Second, I did not really LOVE the brown switches after months of use.

Third and final, the last act of Red Dead Redemption 2 broke my spacebar switch. Thats right, taming that goddamn bull required a lot of spacebar mashing and it never sounded or felt right after that.

Levi is still my one and only friend

So, for well over a year I’ve been using a spare keyboard. My intentions were to de-solder ALL of the browns and use left-over blue’s from Caralynes last keyboard build.

BUUUUUT then I noticed had a sale on the nice sinc kit

I took a poll at work, and by unanimous decision, my entire team voted for me getting the new kit.

Democracy finally prevailed.

I had a bunch of left-over blue’s from Caralyne (because she swapped her switches out), but I needed more. I didn’t love the high price I was seeing for 10 packs on Amazon (>$10) so I came across much much cheaper prices on aliexpress.

So I got those, and they took weeks get get through customs.

Nothing like a Friday night build project.

The black switches are the ones I got from China

They keyboard is a simple design, and I like that a lot. The circuit board is sandwiched between two blank PCB’s, and this time, no soldering. The mechanical switches just pop in.

left hand side complete

front right side. Three small stabalizers. I like these over longer ones to be honest

I had to stop for now

I had to wait another week or so, this time on key caps. I like my Godspeed set, I like how the plastic feels and the overall look. When I originally bought it, I just got a standard 108 key set since my first keyboard was a standard 75% keyboard. The Sinc has two different mini spacebars, and I needed those.

Plus I wanted to get some vanity caps for the secondary F1-F12 keys on the left-hand side.

finished for now

I got to make this, and it coincided with my 2 year work anniversary AND the launch of Diablo 4. Pretty exciting times.

Love the new feel of the keyboard and blue switches. Having it split, I can have more of an ergonomic angle, and more importantly I can have both halves far enough a part so my work laptop can be in-between them and I can still type on my PC.

I don’t use this for work. I should, but that would require a new monitor arrangement.


Flashing keyboards now is sooo easy. VIA lets you do it all in a browser, and on the fly.