ELK Stack

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Needless Explanation I have been a long time Splunk user, and I think it is great. Still, I have had my eyes on other log aggregation and analytic tools for a while. Price is usually the pain point with Splunk, ask anyone, I also run FreeBSD, which was recently dropped as a supported server OS. There is still a universal forwarder for FreeBSD, and I am still pleased with that. Read More...

auditing file access with samba and splunk

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Preamble The other week, we had an issue with our working production data on our ZFS file servers. We have a running service that uses a CIFS share to extract file contents, read in a XML file, and then from that file, build out a directory structure based on a field in that order file. I won’t get into the horrible details, but we eventually discovered that this service does not halt or error an order if that field is missing! Read More...