SGI Octane Project

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Last year, I found an Indigo2 on ebay, had some fun cleaning it up and putting it in operation. I was a little sad that the used Octane market has brought them up in price, and, the current set of community built IRIX packages are not well maintained on the MIPS3 architecture. After some patient eBay trawling, I came across a “Samsung Octane” for $220 USD. It was listed without a hard drive and powered on, but nothing else. Read More...

Sgi Indigo2 Project

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I like Unix workstations, and I may have mentioned it more than once that I like a diverse computing ecosystem At my first real job, Legato Systems Inc., I was part of the SAN Device Qualification team. We all had a Windows and Unix desktop. I was lucky enough to get a sweet Sparc Ultra5: HAHAHUGOSHORTCODE-0xc000deb400-1-HBHB The observant reader will notice my Ultra5 is not actually on the monitor, and there is a familiar box under the desk. Read More...