running gitorious on freebsd

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Gitorious has some documentation on a local install for Ubuntu, RHEL, and Debian, which turned out to be slightly outdated. Now that they have leveraged the Bundler GEM manager, the installation process is much simpler. FreeBSD is by far my platform of choice when it comes to flexible and complex open source applications, and it was a cinch to reuse the Linux documentation. Aside from having to re-write the init scripts, the entire process was very easy, and I got to try out a few different web servers for the heck of it. Read More...

atlassian tools and nginx

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Atlassian has a wonderful set of tools. I’ve been using Jira with Fisheye for the last few months, but I recently came across Stash. Stash is a nice git repository and project manager than provides easy access to creating new Git repo’s with User and Group access controls. I’m considering phasing out FishEye in favor of Stash. I only wanted FishEye as a source code browser, that integrated issues tracking. Read More...

mailman with nginx on freebsd

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I like Nginx a lot. Not because I’m some sort of hipster sysadmin either. I like it because it is small, fast, and as a FreeBSD port, it compiles and updates quickly. What I also like is the separation of services and processes. For example, if I want to run a PHP script, I don’t load “mod_php” like you would with Apache. Instead, you have a PHP processor, like php-fpm, running (on localhost, or, another server that only processes PHP scripts). Read More...