meetbsd 2010

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I love the BSD community. How cool is it to have developers and end users from the various BSD projects in one location, there to talk about the various cool projects and technical challenges that face us now. Cool I tell you! Chris, Corrigan and I went to Google in 2008 for MeetBSD. We had a great time, so when I saw the announcement earlier this year for MeetBSD 2010, I rallied the troops. Read More...

meetbsd day 2

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Thankfully I didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn (7:30!) because it was scheduled to start at 11am. I was a little rushed for time since I had to drop Caralyne off at my parents in Knightsen (so I back-tracked a bit), and I left at 9am, so I barely made it in time for the ZFS talk. A Closer Look at the ZFS File System by Pawel Jukab Dawidek I’ve heard a great talk on ZFS from Bill Moore, one of the primary developers from Sun, but this talk was really cool because it didn’t just say what ZFS is from Sun’s marketting department’s point of view, but the technical details its mail peices and how it integrates in FreeBSD. Read More...

meetbsd day 1

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I spent the weekend at Google for MeetBSD in celebration of FreeBSD’s 15 birthday. I drove 70.2x4 miles, on a weekend, and for Saturday I got up slightly earlier than I would have for work. All worth it, this was the coolest mini-conference I’ve been to. Of course, the last conference I went to was BSDCon in 2003, and that was nice as well. The point is, I don’t get out all that much when it comes to conferences, I just make an exception for my favorite UNIX OS, FreeBSD. Read More...