bacula framework on github

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I’m pretty happy with the Bacula environment I’ve created. It has gone through a few iterations, and I’ve learned a lot since I started using it a few years ago. I think its only appropriate to share the evolution of my environment with as many people as possible, and I hope it can help save new bacula administrators some time. Enough of the preamble, here is my github project page: https://github. Read More...

using couchdb with puppet and bacula

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On aspect that I was never happy with the Bacula environment I built while at LLNL was the fact that I could no look up certain values for each client. Values like: * Passwords * Storage Devices * Certificates (if you are using Encryption) Well, over the past few week’s I’ve been able to work around this problem by storing additional information in a CouchDB DB. It is not the ideal solution, but it is a start and I’m okay with that. Read More...

couchdb and ruby on freebsd

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I’ve been using Puppet at work for the handful of FreeBSD and, recently, Ubuntu desktops. Aside from some very simple system configuration management (I’ve not yet dived too deep into puppet. I mostly use it for configuring system authentication and ensuring a particular computer security baseline), I though it would have been great to store the client’s “facts” into a accessable database. Sometime last year, Puppet added the ability to store facts into a Couch Database: http://www. Read More...