more fun with ffmpeg

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To follow up on two previous posts, the Buckethead concert and making your own YouTube bootlegs, I’m going to add just a little more. As I mentioned, the concert was great. If I were to pick out one part, it would have been this lengthy untitled (as far as I know) freestyle jam he did with a simple looping beat. I cannot think of anything worse than falling in love with a song at a concert, and not knowing the name of it. Read More...

buckethead live gamh

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HAHAHUGOSHORTCODE-0xc00012aa00-1-HBHB Since I say this after almost every concert I go to, I’ll not forget to repeat it again: This was the BEST show I’ve ever seen. There are many aspects why: smaller venue, and our seats were on the balcony. This gave us a great view of the show, and we were pretty darn close to everything. Oh, and you know, it is one of my favorite artist doing what he does best. Read More...

creating an audio bootleg from youtube

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Tools required: The internet A quality *nix OS (FreeBSD in this case) youtube-dl, available in FreeBSD under ports/www/youtube_dl/ ffmpeg, available in FreeBSD under ports/multimedia/ffmpeg/ First thing is first, find a really cool youtube clip. If you dont know of one already, use a Buckethead Song (Volume warning, this clip was mixed “hot”, so turn your speakers down): Watch the drummer (Bryan Mantia) go crazy in the background, pretty intense. Read More...