freebsd and multipath

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I didn’t find any blog posts of discussions on FreeBSD and multipath (for storage) that wasn’t a man page. That means it is up to me to write about it :) Hardware CPU Machine class: amd64 CPU Model: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5530 @ 2.40GHz No. of Cores: 16 Memory Total real memory available: 65511 MB Logically used memory: 3945 MB Logically available memory: 61565 MB Storage The storage is a large ~90TB Enterprise class Fibre Channel array, a Data Direct Networks S2A9900. Read More...

samba 3028a vs 333 on freebsd 71

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!!! UPDATE on 12/29/2009!!! Since this blog post seems to get a good amount or hits from google, if you are reading this, please see my updated post: which has some additional information about FreeBSD 8.0 EOF Lately at work, I’ve been involved with a very large file system that is being export from Solaris 10/ZFS to windows and OS X users via Samba. Even with a very large Sun server (T5220) a lot of users are complaining about the slow performance of the system. Read More...