photos are back


I’ve re-deployed my old photo galleries:

The reason they went away was mostly because I was using Zenphotos (for YEARS), and all of the overlayed upgrades became unmanageable. It was also a high-risk application to run, and had basic spam mitigation tactics.

I also moved away from PHP in general, and started working with static site generators (this blog being octopress). The technical issue with this, is that most of these do not have built in tools to manage photo galleries.

With those factors, I had been keeping my eye out for a simple to use photo gallery generator that I could deploy via ssh or rsync, again, minimizing insecure authentication as much as possible. So for right now, I’m using sigal

Caralyne also had to do a photo based timeline for school. So, this weekend, Michele and I walked down memory lane for a while, and looked at a few thousand photos. It was great, and, I realize how much I missed casually browsing the small albums I put up from our cool outings.