happy 4th



I thought I would at least show that I still have a family life beyond Salt and other work duties :)

This weekend, I went up to the East Bay (Antioch) to stay with the in-laws and enjoy some super hot weather, some pool time with the kids, and fireworks with Owen.

I only took one picture, but Owen and I did a little mini-hike up to the Contra Loma Regional Park to get a better view of the fireworks… and the rest of Antioch burning down.

It was pretty fun, for a small guy, he is stubborn and determined to go onward. We reached the first vantage point after walking a few city block to reach the park entrance (a side entrance, the park is officially closed during the evening hours). I ask if he wanted to sit and watch the fireworks since it had already started.

NOPE, he wanted to go up the bigger hill, and no resting.

So, we were able to walk up a steep incline that faced the fireworks and that was a lot of fun.

We stayed about an hour up there, watching firetrucks buzz back and forth, police cars too. Someone’s juniper tree caught fire, and that was fascinating to watch. By the time we walked down, it was nearly impossible to see the small trail. Owen was hilarious, he insisted that he lead, because he has night-vision (he loves to play Minecraft, which has a night-vision potion). I gave him a gentle work of caution but otherwise, let him lead on. After a minute, he realized he could not see the path, and even started slipping a bit. He grabbed on to me and laugh, even conceding with a “Ha, okay Dad, you were right, let me hold on”

He almost made it back to the car unscathed, until he looked to his right at some christmas lights a house had, and walked right off the side-walk. I admit, I too was looking at the lights and did not catch him in time. He got a little scuffed up, and started crying for his mom.

This is where it got awkward…

I realized how strange it looked to the other people around when a single adult was hauling off a small child crying for Mommy. I’m doing my best to console him, but I realize how comical the situation could become if I was confronted.

It was tempting but I resisted the urge to yell, just as he was being shoved in the car, “And you’ll never see her again!”