playing at the beach


Michele and Caralyne left for Antioch this last weekend, to help my Father in Law paint, and get their hair “did” for Jessica’s up and coming wedding.

That left Owen and I alone, and while I didn’t chop down any tree’s, we did make the best of our time together.

I told Owen that we would go to the beach, which is one of his favorite things to do. It can always be a dicey situation with Owen though, he’s very particular about when and what he’ll eat, and the terrible consequences of missing out on a meal.

It involves him getting a headache and throwing up. Then, like a partied out frat-boy, he has to sleep it all off.

He is also extremely picky about what kinds of food he is willing to eat. He will love a grilled cheese one day, but the next day he won’t have anything to do with it.

However, he absolutely loves Pizza My Heart, and if I want a fail-safe meal out with Owen. this is it. They have a complex soda fountain machine that he also loves.

So first thing was first, I grabbed a couple of local news papers so I could enjoy catching up on the local news (the weekly Press Banner is a good read)

Meanwhile, Owen happily played on the beach with his trucks:


He wanted a picture


This one too…


I still love the beach. I like watching the waves, and having most of the background noise muffled by the crashing waves. I hate loudness, and this mutes everything.


Just another angle


I snapped a quick picture of Owen while Michele was asking how we were. We were fine, I had a great time chasing him around and trying to let him have fun in the water while I was constantly protecting him from the current.

We hit up Pizza my <3 after that, he ate two whole slices (the same amount as me…), slept on the way home, and was ready to play again.

Owen is like a large attention sponge, he just wants you to play with him and interact with you all the time. Its non-stop! He gets pretty physical too, so we wrestled a lot, chased each other pretending to be cars, and our game of catch with a tennis ball was over as soon as it started. Thats because he threw it with all of his might at my might and took me out of commission.

He laughed.