site migration


I’m moving this blog to:

The back-end publishing platform is also changing from WordPress to Octoress

I thought I was clever, struggling through the wordpress export all by myself… If I would have just gone a quick Google search, I would have seen the 20 or so new Octopress blogs that converted from WordPress

Since I would like to retain my “identity” according to Google, I configured Octopress to use the same Article perma-link format as Wordpress. It takes a little granularity away from Octopress, but it make these two URLs go to the same “content”:



The RSS feed is also a little different, so those with a subscription will have to either update the feed from: to

Octopress is pretty nice though, there is no need to setup a database, it generates all of the static content from markdown files.

Alright, that is all folks.