google ads coming



Owen and Caralyne playing at the beach

I always felt very proud that this site was “free” to everyone. I think its great when you can go to a site that isn’t laden with advertisements or pop-ups that try to sell you more things you don’t need. Sort of like how the internet used to be.

I regret to say, I’m going to compromise my ideology and give Google Adsense a try.

Why Mike, why would you “sell-out” to lets face it your remaining family and friends, and that small population of FreeBSD and Samba users that find your blog?

Because I have medical bills to pay for. So before I go and find a second job, I’ll try this first.

My Son Owen, has congenital hypopituitarism and he needs growth and thyroid hormones. I give him a shot in the butt every night, and then he gets half of a pill wrapped in 1/4th of a starburst in the morning. The later is definitely the funner option.

The thyroid medication is reasonably priced, but his growth hormone is not. It is classified as a “Tier 4” prescription, and with our medical plan that means we have to pay 30% of the costs.

For us, it ends up being around $400 a month. Next year, when he’ll need more (this is fairly linear, he’ll need more as he grows), it might be $500.

I won’t proselytize about the situation, not here at least. If you like the information on this site, then please click around and we’ll see how this works out.

*** UPDATE 11/16/2012 *** After running ads for a few months, I made about $6USD. It is totally not worth it.

So, back to normal, and, I don’t look like a shill.