freebsd training


At work I ran a 5 part FreeBSD Administration training course for the Unix team.

I enjoyed it a lot, because I really like to share information. It is especially rewarding when it is something I have taken a great interest in, like the FreeBSD Operating System.

The design of the course was simple, I did my best to fill in the gap that a Solaris or Linux administrator might have. Everyone on the team has experience with Unix, mostly Solaris and Red Hat, so I skipped a lot of the basics.

This was also done in 1.5 hours increments over a few months. None of us had the time to dedicate four or so days in a real class room environment where I could concoct lab exercises. I wish we could have, that would have been GREAT. Alas, I wrote these up in my spare time and put them up on the calendar for the team.

I even created a certificate for those that attended all of them :)

Cert: fbsd-admin-template

So, here is what I’m going to do. I think it is important to share, so I converted all of my slides and material into Google’s Presentation document and made them Public.

Both to read and write.

So, if you feel that there are typo’s, errors, or something can be added, I want to extend to opportunity to anyone to correct them.

  1. FreeBSD Training #1 - Introduction
  2. FreeBSD Training #2 - Software Management
  3. FreeBSD Training #3 - Service Management
  4. FreeBSD Training #4 - Hardware Management

The last class was me running through SysInstall. My logic for that was simple, everyone should first know how to install and manage software and services before they begin installing a fresh OS.

There you go Internets, enjoy, and please don’t add Viagra links in my presentations :)