Time… for a Crime!

While I feel the films title is really shallow and hokey, the movie itself really stands on its own. Oh, and this is your subtitle warning: it has them!

I felt like I was watching a classic Twilight Zone episode, where an ordinary middle aged man finds himself in a strange and perplexing situation and clumsily adapts to all of it. Clumsy at first, towards the end, or maybe I should say the begining? Hector, our protagonist is doing quite well at making quick and harsh decisions. The transition is pretty brilliant, I hardly noticed it until I really thought about it all.

So, what is Timecrimes about? It is based around time travel and the paradox of free-will. Let me offer a graphical representation of the movies plot:


It’s simple, just start from the beginning…

The movie takes a 24 hour window and layers and warps it on to itself a few times, and it does it well enough that you are not left with lingering questions or laughing at obvious plot holes. You will be left with one perplexing question and the end, and that is “How did it all start?”

My only complaint is that it is SO well done, and the plot is so perfectly packaged up, it is easy to put it all together very early on. No a big deal, it is still nice to see how it all goes down.

It is very good, and I would put it up there with Primer, another well done time travel movie.