muay thai


I signed up for Muay Thai at Crosley Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Brentwood. I’ve been eyeing the place for a while now, it seemed to be one of the few well established school in the Antioch/Brentwood area. I was looking specifically for some type of boxing program, and they have both western boxing and kick-boxing.

It also helps that the price is right, I pay about 90 a month for two classes. They have  a nice full schedule too, classes are at 6am, 12pm, and 6pm on most days of the week. I like Mondays and Wednesdays after work, and its really nice that it is on my way home. Commuting to Wushu West had always put a good dent in my wallet, then factor in that I was paying the same price (100 a month) for just ONE night a week. It was hard to choose going somewhere else, but I was priced out of Wushu. Variety is also good.

They have a great curriculum, and this was the first week I was able to make it two nights (I had a terrible flu last week). The first two classes I had were simple, and I worked on my own, where the coach (Juan) would come over every ‘round’ and either have me continue what I was working on, or show me something else. He has a great personality, and I’m usually laughing really hard on the inside when he’s showing me something because the way he describes the moves and why you do it is hilarious.

The classes are 1 hour, and there is a buzzer that goes off every three minutes. We normally switch to something else every three minutes, so the classes are very fast and there is little room to catch your breath.

So the other night, Friday, was the first time I partnered up with someone. His name was Mike, and he was very nice, and he punched very VERY hard. It was a great experience for me to hold pads for someone else, as it takes a lot of effort and concentration. whenever James would work with me, he was always the one holding the pads, which now I feel like he really spoiled me. It is something I’m going to have to practice, I’ll have to figure something out.

Right before class was over I felt like I fractured a bone in my foot. I still tend to kick the pads with my feet, which I know is a bad habit. I should be kicking more with my shins, so after an hour my left foot had finally had it. Juan was cool, he said “You okay? Good, lay off your foot and use your knee’s on the pad”. Ha, I like him, resting is for after class.

So, my foot is a little bruised now, and I iced it for a while when I got home. I should be good to go by Monday.