x men origins wolverine


x_men_origins_wolverine I was conflicted about posting a little blurb about this movie. I wanted to actually post some other movies, good ones, and I felt it was only fair to also post a little something about this one. If I don’t like a movie, I usually just don’t bother with a post. I think this is the first movie in which I was so disappointed with, I had to at least get that out there before I posted anything else.

So yeah, this movie was TERRIBLE. Hugh Jackman is a good actor, and I liked the first two X-Men movies. Also, when I was into comic books, I had a decent wolverine collection. So, as a kid, I had read a bit on the various back stories of Wolverine. They were all really cool (okay, I was about 10, so cool for a 10 year old), and it was just lame how it ended up on the screen.

What was really terrible is the lack of any character development, so all the decisions made in the movie either lack any motivation at all, or have so lack-luster logic behind its laughable. The movie starts off with a couple really awful plot devices. First, Wolverine kills his father, runs off with his brother, Sabertooth, and minutes after they escape they decide “Hey, its cool, he lied to us… now, lets go fight in some wars and kill a crapton of people!”. So, they fight in every major war until Vietnam when lo and behold, Wolverine decides he’s killed enough… Really? You slaughter how many people and then when a ranking officer threatens the life of something else you decide then it was all wrong and become a lumberjack… I couldn’t suspend my disbelieve, and I watch Zombie movies.

Maybe I have been spoiled from the last decade of really good superhero movies, so it is just natural that eventually, this genera returns to its roots as a cheesy B movie. Seriously, don’t bother with this movie, you will feel your brain dying.