sauna_kv_poster_eng_web I like to watch horror movies from other countries, and not just Asia (the entire J-Horror category is getting absurd). They tend to have different dogma’s in them, or cultural references that I’ve never heard of. This is a Swedish movie (Yay subtitles!!), and it takes place after The Great Norther War (1780?). Sweden and Russia are drawing new territory lines post-war, and a group from each respective country has to survey the land and get any town or village on the border to sign an agreement about the new lines.

This is an abstract horror movie, and I thought it was really awesome. It was pretty creepy, almost no gore of jumpy scary stuff. It had a lot of atmosphere, good dialog (from what I could tell, the subtitles were a little too literal), and very good pacing. There were a lot of allusions and symbols, it is the kind of movie that if you watch a couple of times you’ll continue to get more out of it.

If you like horror, and not gore or slasher horror, this is well worth watching.