i sell the dead


i-sell-the-dead-poster It’s October, and that means I naturally start to gravitate towards horror movies. Ahh, it feels so good :) The smell of a smoldering chimney is in the air, or someone is burning evidence…

I Sell The Dead is about two grave robbers, one of the two is eventually arrested and tried for murder. He tells his story to a priest, hours before his planned execution. Oh, its not as serious as it sounds, its pretty funny.

The movie is really low budget, but it has a great cast who must have either worked for free, or well, were the result of the rest of the films cheap look. It even has Angus Scrimm, or “The Tall Man” from the Phantasm series. Has that guy ever NOT looked creepy?

I’m going to have to get a copy for my Mom, this is right up her alley.