wushu west 2009 05 14


Wow, what an awesome class!

It was nice and warm tonight, so it was really easy to get warmed up and stretch well. That was a bonus though, there were a few really killer parts to tonights class:

  • We had some nice and quick basics

  • Jumps! which I have not done in a while

  • James taught me part of the Baji set he learned

  • I had to change my shirt twice, and that means I got a good workout :)

  • James also showed me some interesting weight lifting routines

I had commented to James that I’d still like to learn the Baji set he picked up in China, so when it was time for the class to break off into sections (long weapons tonight), he pulled me over and wanted to go over it. BUT, first thing is first, I wanted to run it by Patti, she is after all our coach and it wouldn’t have felt right not to. She was cool with it, and at the end of the class was happy that I asked James to work on that :)

So, I worked on a small part of it a bit, and for now, I think I have the general feel for it. Once I get back from the cruise I’ll pick up more and also go over the rough spots. Thankfully, I have footage of the form so I can also refer to that.

After that I did some weights with James, and then we did a bunch of ab work, 100 crunches, 10 push-ups, 15 “twister” crunches, 10 more pushups, somewhere I passed out, more I think I did something else like a pushup, then we finished up.

Too bad I’ll be on a cruise for effectively two weeks, I’d really like to continue off of this momentum.