alaskan vacation part one day one eugene oregon


We are driving up to Seattle to catch our cruise ship. Our “Vay-Kay”, as my sister Jessica was trying to get Caralyne to say. We’ll be on a 7 day cruise up the coast of Alaska, and the first part of that is driving from Antioch to Seattle. It should be really nice. I’m also going with 12 or so of my In Laws.

This, like any good HP Lovecraft journal, will document my path to insanity. The may end in me hallucinating about the Deep Ones, the city of R’lyeh.

Today we left Antioch around 7:30am, drove 533 miles to Eugene Oregon. It took about 10 hours. The biggest problem with driving that far with two kids is… driving that far with two kids. We are also caravan-ing with my mother and father in law, which has its pluses and minuses. The minuses are things like rest stops. They are drawn to them like moths to a a light. Michele and I actually have so far refused to stop at a few of them, I mean really, we don’t need to stop every 50 miles to pee.

We stopped to eat a few times though, and eventually found ourselves in Eugene Oregon and a very nice Holiday Inn. The rooms were killer, the place was brand new, and it only cost about 100 a night. We ended up letting Michele’s niece stay in our room, and that was kind of a bummer. Its harder to tip-toe around someone else when you have things to do in the early morning or give a baby a shot in the middle of the night.

We got this delicious Hawaiian pizza for Mezza Luna Pizzeria, man it was good (I ate about half of it). I completely forgot that Eugene is home to the University of Oregon, and more importantly, UO’s Wushu Club. If I was super motivated, I would have asked Mark if he knew anyone here and find out when they train :) Oh well, I was beat and we only stayed one night.

The next morning we left for Portland, which is only 120 miles away. That should be a much easier trip.