These noise-aholics, these quiet-ophobics

I liked that statement, it is mentioned many times throughout the book with some variation. There is a great part where the protagonist, Carl Streaton, talks about his apartment tenets “sound wars”. Where its not about the music anymore, but the volume. As much as I dislike loud noises and chaos, I was able to relate very well to the main character.

The book isn’t about noise-aholics, peace-ophobics, but about a childrens lullaby that kills anyone who hears it. Carl, a reported, is doing a piece on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and discovers that a poem in a book is responsible. He is not the only one who knows about this poem though, and what it can do, so he works with these three other people to destroy any remaining copies of this book.

I liked this book, it had a few nice twists, I’ll probably pick up another one of his books soon.