let the right one in



Let The Right One In

Let the Right One In is a very memorable horror movie. It’s in the vein (HA!) of a vampire movie, yet it never really addresses the question and creatively dodges it.

The two characters are a boy and a girl. Oskar and Eli. The young boy lives in an apartment complex with his single (and very absent) mother. Like most boys, he has a bully problem. He is also awkward and anti-social, which makes him a fine target bot both the bully, and Eli.

Eli is a 12 year old “girl”, though there is some ambiguity there. She shows up with her “Father” one evening at the same Apartment Oskar lives in. She and Oskar develop a friendship, and it starts to become obvious there is an ulterior motive. Eli is 12 years old, indefinitely, and she needs a new caretaker.

This isn’t your standard Vampire movie, where its full of cheesy Freudian-isms. My Mom complained about how awful she thought Twilight was. My Mother is into horror movies, and she’s always enjoyed a good Vamipre movie. I recommended this one to her, it’s very simple, and very cold (really, it will make you feel chilly). It’s also a Swedish movie, so prepare to read a little.