the road


The Road

It is hard to say that I’ve enjoyed a novel that was sad and depressing. It was a great read, and I really liked how the dialog was arranged, it was very sparse but not at all wasteful.

The book is about a father and son traveling to the pacific coast in a very dreary post-apocalyptic south western. I guess this is all supposed to be after a comet hits the Earth. They are both constantly scrounging for food, trying to stay warm, and hiding from marauders, cannibals, thieves… lots of nasty things. I couldn’t put it down though, and I was always looking for the little happy bit here and there, which are few and far between.

The book left me with such an impression that I immediately wanted to share it, so I gave it to Summer, and by Sunday her only comment was “Mike, you need to read happier books…”

I also found out, as the cover of my edition states, it is currently being made into a movie that will probably premier this year at the Cannes Film Festival. The authors ( Cormac McCarthy) previous book, No Country for Old Men, gained a lot of buzz (from me too, I thought that movie was great) last year. Don’t, you know, take your grandma to see it when it comes out.