the amazing adventures of kavalier clay


The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

A fantastic novel. This type of book makes re-examine yourself, which can be good and bad I guess.

The book is essential about two cousins, Sam Klayman (or Sam Clay) and Joseph Kavalier, who decided to pitch a new line of comic book characters during the 1940’s “Golden Age” of comic books. They both bring their own ideals and messages to their fictional characters. What I found interesting is this isn’t about a particular event, but the two characters lives in whole. Sam spends a good portion of his life avoiding who he really is, while Joe relentlessly tries to bring his family back from war-torn Prague and eventually gets involved with WWII himself.

This wasn’t the kind of book I would have picked up on my own. I was apprehensive even after reading the back cover, but since James had highly recommended it, I went for it. All the dialog is great, its hard to imagine one person coming up with all of that, especially since all the characters are frustratingly human.