a linterieur inside


À l’intérieur (Inside)

Not that I need an excuse to watch a horror movie, but I tend to watch them around the Halloween season. Maybe its the weather, maybe its the decorations, either way this is the trend I’ve set for myself.

Inside was scary. It was incredibly gory in the realistic sense, and the tension that it built up was relentless. Most the the movies I have watched recently are from http://www.twitchfilm.net/, in their DVD Review category. As you can see, I started with the “A’s”, and I hope I don’t stumble across one this intense again :)

The short description is a pregnant woman (one day away from the scheduled birth) was in a violent car accident 4 months ago. She now lives alone, is a little anti-social, and on the eve of her childs birth a mysterious lady shows up on her door step and begins to terrorize her.

I had to watch something funny after this movie, which I don’t normally have to do. Also, a spider was crawling on my while I watched it. From then on I concidered sleeping with a baseball bat.