Luc Besson had a hand in this as the writer, and if you don’t know who he is he has written and directed Leon AKA The Professional as well as produced Danny the Dog and Kiss of the Dragon. As well as a few others that he has had a hand in, I have purchased and enjoyed them all. This was supposed to be release in the US next month but has been pushed back until Jan 2009. Shame, I will probably buy it from another country before it even hits the US.

The movie is about a retired “Agent” (they don’t really say exactly what he did for who) who’s daughter takes a trip to Europe and is abducted by a white slavery oranization. Since I like this type of setup so much (as mentioned in my last entry), this one was cool because it wasn’t all depressing at the end, and he kicks some serious ass to get his daughter back. I hope it gets a good reception when it finally makes it to the states. Liam Neeson hasn’t messed this many people up since Rob Roy.