dead mans shoes


Dead Man’s Shoes

I like how IMDB now uses tags on categorizing a movie. And not just “Drama” or “Comedy”, cause it has those as well (and this movie is not a Comedy or a Drama), but it has plot keywords like “Revenge”, or “Shot in the Leg”, or whatever else pertains to the movie’s story. Very cool, it now helps me find movies that are similar to ones that I already like without limiting myself to the director or the writer.

The Revenge keyword usually gets my attention, cause I really dig a scenario where someone gets whats coming to them.  So I went down the list, where I weeded out either really old movies, or ones that I’ve seen and thats where I came across this movie. I’ve never heard of it, or anyone that played in it, and it was an English movie (proper English, like from the UK) so that seemed interesting as well. The only problem I had was that it was an English movie. We speak the same language but I could hardly understand half of what they were saying unless I really strained and turned the volume up very loud. I almost prefer a subtitles movie than trying to decode a heavy english accent and figure out all their slang terms.

Otherwise, it was a fantastic movie. A quick synopsis : an ex-soldier returns home, years after his younger and mentally handicap brother was tormented by a little group of degenerates.  That’s it, but of course that is also without me spoiling any part of the movie. I love finding movies like this.