what day is this 2


The past few weeks have been pretty busy, Owen is still in the hospital (and we expect him to stay there another two weeks) and his collapsed lung has healed up. Now they doctors are getting him off the pain medication (down to morphine now), helping him feed on his own, and get his bilirubin resolved. We’ve been going to see him everyday, and we were finally able to hold him last week. I’m back at work now, which is a real drag. We’re going to have another big layoff here on the 22nd and I may be a part of that. It’s been real shitty dealing with a sick newborn AND stressing over what is going to happen to me. So whatever happens happens, and maybe I’ll get more time at home.

What has amazed me is I have not gained 20lbs from all the wonderful free food i have received in the last 3 weeks :) I’ve been doing a little weight lifting, but mostly I’ve stuck with my punching bag and cardio. It’s been helpful, and I’ve been able to do it almost everyday that I’ve had off.

So thats that, not sure when i’ll get back to wushu, after Owen comes home but with the scary possibility that I’ll be out of a job it may be a lot longer than that.