the orphanage and i get to keep my job


This movie had Guillermo del Toro’s name attached to it, and I anticipated that it would be awesome and have some really cool creature effects. I was off on the latter, while the movie is a really good horror/suspense there is very little physical gore. One tiny part was graphic, and I made Michele mad that I had her watch the movie :)

The premise is a little orphan girl grows up, and as an adult she adopts a little boy, and then buys the house that used to be the very orphanage she grew up in. He grand plans of running her own orphanage are quickly ruined as her son disappears and she finds out a little more about her beloved childhood place.

Very cool movie, and it wasn’t what I was expecting (and thats a good thing).

Just in case you missed the title, I am not losing my job here. That makes me very happy!