the good the bad and the ugly


Westerns never caught my attention, I avoided them at all costs. It’s mostly because my whole family was into all of that, and since it conflicted with my indoors only activities of computers and guitar playing, I rebelled against then and refused to watch Lonesome Dove. Also, it was an older movie, and I’ve discussed my aversion to watching older movies.

Well, I was doing my usual workout where I’m half-way lifting weights but mostly preoccupied trying to find something entertaining to watch so the workout wont feel so boring and lifeless. I don’t usually channel surf, I usually pop in a braindead action movie, but this time i came across a scene in the middle of TGTBTU on A&E. It was when Tuco drags “The Good” out to the desert. It grabbed my attention until I finished the workout and decided to Tivo it that evening.

So when Friday evening rolled around (and I do all my movie watching on the weekend till the wee hours of the next morning), I spent the two or so hours watching that. Awesome movie, the music is classic even though I’ve seen it spoofed hundreds of times it still holds up on its own without becoming cheesy. I’ve got a few more Sergio Leone movies lined up now, the downfall is some of them I’ve essentially seen, since they are remakes of the Akira Kursawa movies I posted about, but they have their own twist and even though A Fistful of Dollars was nearly identical, it still added its own flavor to it.

Anyway, today is Wednesday, the 21st, I find out tomorrow if I have a job here at the Lab or not. I did a phone interview for another place in Fairfield, and i still may be able to make it to Wushu, but I’ll have to wait and see how things go.