wushu west week of 04062008


After CMAT I had felt a little extra bit of motivation, it has dawned on me that this past year I had really digressed in wushu. There has been little focus for me, and work has been more and more demanding so I recognize that as an issue. Mostly though, the majority of ‘coaching’ I have received has been about the website and computer work. What I really need to do is to be less passive about what I want and be a little more persistent.

Tuesday’s class was very light, those of us that were not part of the Olympic ceremony in San Francisco on 4/9 did our own thing on the side. Isao and I have been working together on a broadsword set Patti is teaching us. It started to feel REALLY slow, but then thursday she had up really pickup the pace on it, and it then immediately kicked ass :) It went from a slooow 1 full section of a form to 1/16 of a section. I can’t wait to continue learning it and building my stamina back up.

Thursday was a lot nicer, more intense and I felt good about the workout. I’ve started to stretch again on my own in the morning, and James and I stretched each other on the wall. After we did that, out basics were so much better. It was nice to hear Patti’s encouragement and overall happiness with our kicks.

I’d like to say that I’ll be working on updating this more, but everything but my spare time has been increasing lately.