wushu west 2008 04 03


Class has been a little laid back for me, which is alright, I haven’t been working as hard as everyone else so it’s not like I can even bust out a section of a form right now. It is a little hard to go to class when everyone is so fired up and is at their peak. Patti is still giving me new moves here and there for the broadsword form, and James said she really wants to give us (those of us who are just learning dao) a really good old school wushu dao form, which is every cool for me. I really like the older flavor that Patti’s generation had, so being able to work on that would be sweet.

Anyway, everyone looks good, and i think Wushu West will have about 12 or so people competing at CMAT. Yup, WW is going to clean up :) I’ll be there to record as much as I can. It’s too bad Caralyne isn’t old enough to sit down all day and watch wushu :) I mean, I could drag here there for an hour maybe but then she’d want to do something else, so I’m bummed I wont be with here at all Saturday. Soon though.