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My little boy was born ( 04/22/2008 @ 10:25am ), at a nice healthy weight of 7lbs and 13oz with a height of 20" ( all in all, almost exactly what Caralyne was, she was 21.25")

We don’t have him home yet, and I’m sure I’ve keep almost everyone up to day, but he has a collapsed lung, or pneumothorax. This happens a lot, but most of the time it’s a tiny hole and the body just absorbs the escaping air and the lung heals within a day or so. Owen’s was a little more severe, he was transfered from Antioch Kaiser to Walnut Creek (which is great, WC has a kick ass NICU). Michele was also transfered the same night and I’ve spent a few nights on some very uncomfortable fold out beds, couches, mattress pads, etc… I hurt my back exercising and sleeping on all those various torture devices only made it worse. The irony of me getting hurt even more in a hospital was not lost on me, and I had to buy my own Advil there at the pharmacy too.

Michele was discharged from Kaiser on Friday, and the last two days we’ve spent visiting Owen. Thats kind of rough, to have to leave him like that, so I can’t wait till we can at least hold him. He has a few machines breathing for him, and they have him so sedated that he’s almost lifeless. Once he can breath on his own, we should see a livelier and possibly a little crankier baby :) No wushu for a while.