wushu west 2008 03 18


Good class tonight.

I did manage to injure my calf when we did our round of sprints, oh but first I just wanted to say how cool it was to get a nice warm welcome from everyone :)

I barely made it all the way through the door and I see Shahaub, James, Pierre, Lynda… pretty much the whole gang, and in unison (almost, its more dramatic if it seems they really were in unison) exclaim “HEY! Mike!”. It warmed my attention craving heart :)

Anyway, we jogged outside for a bit (two times around, and I wasn’t dying! when we first started that I would only go around once) and then we did 4 sets of sprints down the street. This is about where I pull something in my right calf, I should have stretched more before doing those sprints. It was alright until 8:30 or so, I made it through basic kicks and jumps. When everyone else did sections on the carpet I went on the stage to work through the broadsword set Patti show Isao and myself. Eventually I put some red tiger balm on my leg… and that was a big mistake. I made sure to wash my hands twice after I applied it to my leg, because who wants to get that somewhere it shouldn’t right?. Well at some point I must have touched it, or it was still stuck in my nail bed, because on the way home I grabbed a handful of almonds, popped them in my mouth and after a few chews I noticed it tasted funny… then really REALLY bad… then a little hot, like a chemical burn :)

Lets just say that stuff tastes very bad. I had very little water left over too, so I had to live with that taste until I got home and made something else to eat. I made sure to wash my hands again, and only use my left hand to eat :)