wushu west 2008 02 26


Just a warning, I haven’t been receiving the comments people leave on AnD. So sorry if it seems like I was ignoring everyone :) Since most people are getting ready of either collegiate’s or CMAT, class for Isao, John, and myself worked out a little different. We had a good warmup. I think it is more exhausting when we not only jog around class, but include all sorts of different movements. Somersaults, cartwheels, high-knees, etc… seem to get me warmer all over, but I also get tired out quicker.

After that we immediately did 2 sets of 8 sprints. Very VERY hard for me :) So it was about… 7:30 - 7:45 and Patti pulled Isao and myself aside to learn a new broadsword move. Now besides what Linda showed us for the recent demo’s I’ve never done a northern dao set. So it’s all pretty new to me, but I think I’m picking it up well, actually pretty quick considering my track record. We practised that non-stop until the end of class, where she made up another 4 moves for us to add on. Very neat, and it’s fun to watch her make something up and refine it.

After class I went over to her house to do some computer work, and I got a cd with some pictures and footage from the San Rafael demo. I have a little page here this is incomplete:

http://www.wushuwest.com/2008-new-year-demos/ I decided it was way easier for me to just do all that stuff on one page instead of a separate page for each one. That way I don’t have be so wordy. It’s incredibly draining for me to write that sort of marketing fluff. Anyway, I’ll be working on that along with the laundry list of computer repairs and additional website stuff. I’m not sure I come to wushu west as a wushu person, but more of the tech support guy that occasionally gets to do wushu.