wushu stuff


Alright, so since the last update we started ramping up for the three performances. I was only able to make it to one of them, and I’ll be putting what we have on the site soon, and I’ll also post a video on youtube. Classes have been going over really well, we’ve kept up the jogging and circuit training as part of the warm-up. My calves right now are killing me from Tuesdays class :) I’ve also been better about lifting weights at home again. It’s been three weeks now, and it’s not like I feel huge or anything, but I do feel better mentally.

Work has still been very busy and intense, but I got two super kick ass updates from my boss and that makes me feel a lot better about all of it. Actually, about most of the last 3 years :) I still want to think I’ll be able to continue wushu, have a second kid, and continue to work as hard as I have at work. Tuesday Patti had me work on some dao basics, I think she’ll teach Isao and myself a form which is awesome in my opinion. After class Tuesday, Shahaub, Felicia, Melvin and I went out for ice cream. It was delicious.