wushu west 2008 01 29 2


I had to drag myself in to class last night. I was exhausted from work, recovering from a cold, and I was in a sour mood from work itself. It’s a scary thought, but I may end up being a dinosaur at my current work. There is a large push to “one platform”, and while that USUALLY means the desktop it can easily leak to the server room. Anyway, things are crappy right now.

Patti jogged with us, and we did it for about 25 minutes. That is so far the longest we’ve gone, and towards the end she was pushing us to run 3 faster laps, then do cartwheels and summer-salts (however that is spelled). Then we did the circuit training ( horse-stance, situps with the medicine ball, and jump rope). Finally after all that we did some nice stretching. I must have looked pretty bad because Patti came over to me and asked if I was alright, if I had food and water, and urged me to take a break. I never really took a break, but I did change my shirt twice, and that was after the class sort of winded down. A group of the class will do a performance this Friday, those of us who cannot make it did our own thing. So I did basic until about 8:30, then I went on the stage to work on our group broadsword set.

After class we went to Diamo, and that was a lot of fun. I stayed till almost 11pm, which was much longer than I wanted too, but it’s just so damn fun hanging out with everyone. Shahaub offered to be my “speed coach”, basically if I commit to it he’ll make sure to push me to go faster and faster. Thats a big problem for me, I never seem to put real speed into things.